C-Cube international

Corrosion prevention and solutions

C-Cube international is a specialist in corrosion and predictive maintenance. C-Cube international patented technology reduces maintenance costs and increases the uptime of our customers by measuring corrosion in an early state before equipment failure. They are active worldwide in, among others, the infrastructure and process industry.



Measuring the quality of the coating to gain more insight into the results than the current visual inspection method. To further increase the certainty about the lifespan and lower maintenance costs, more and more measurements are needed. With the current working method, this is too expensive and sometimes not possible in connection with accessibility or safety. These measurements must also be combined with the current visual inspection method. Many customers work all over the world and want to have insight and control over the corrosion analyzes and the data. This is not possible with the current type of sensors and the knowledge and labor-intensive working method.


C-Cube international uses KE-chain as a platform for a smart online service as-a-service. This service is a combination of the new sensor based measurements and the traditional visual inspections. As a result, a higher quality of data is obtained and it is possible for C-Cube to predict how corrosion will develop with their own apps. This makes it possible for customers to perform optimal preventive maintenance to measure. The service can be used all over the world, enabling C-Cube to scale up easily. C-Cube international and KE-works have entered into a partnership to market this solution together.


  • Real-time insight and current forecasts via the online service for end users
  • Deployable worldwide and scalable business process
  • Lower costs of carrying out measurements and inspections
  • Automatic data collection and data analysis

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