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KE-chain data in a PowerBI dashboard at BAM Infra Rail

BAM Infra Rail works with several systems to keep an overview of the information from the railway construction projects. Keeping track of the status of the inspections, deviations and VTWs is key to timely and complete delivery. The inspections are done with KE-chain and the deviations and VTWs are managed in Relatics. To collect the status of this information in an overview, BAM uses a BI solution; PowerBI. Every day the latest information from KE-chain is summarized in a dashboard in PowerBI. A link that turned out to be easy to create yourself thanks to the APIs of both systems.

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Dashboard van KE-chain data in PowerBI

In PowerBI BAM now has an overview of the relevant information in a dashboard. Ingrid van Overveld: “In PowerBI we make a daily report of various information from the KE chain. We especially want to give the project teams insight into whether all forms have been awarded and completed. We have arranged this in such a way that we can view this status per part of the work and also per discipline. This is important management information for our project teams. Another dashboard is to give the project team insight into whether the KE-chain is being used sufficiently. We have now made an overview of the number of users per day. This is the first step and we see many more possibilities, also for the other registrations that we do with KE-chain. ”

Connection is easy to setup yourself

The connection and dashboard is actually easy to set up yourself. Ingrid van Overveld: “Despite the fact that it was the first time for me to do something like this, it was ultimately very easy to make the connection with KE-chain and the dashboard in PowerBI. At the beginning, an expert from KE-chain helped me by explaining how such a connection with a BI system might look like. That was enough to get started myself and set up the dashboard. Thanks to KE-chain’s clear API, I was able to find the correct data that we needed for the dashboard myself. That went quite easily and with some help from Google it was also possible to set up the dashboard in PowerBI. ”

Connect KE-chain with your own BI system

KE-chain is a data-driven platform. You notice this especially because the state-of-the-art API makes it so easy to get data in and out of the platform. You can use KE-chain to provide BI applications with operational data. For example, such as the application of BAM. In addition, you can also use KE-chain to retrieve or deliver data from or to another system. This functionality, which is traditionally solved by external middleware software, is a standard part of our platform.

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