Control over your project data

Smart collaboration based on quality assurance based on your own project data.

Law Quality Assurance

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Infra & construction

KE chain is used throughout the chain from principals to contrators and subcontractors.


KE-chain is used for quality reporting, product qualification and virtual testing.

Control over your project data

Smart collaboration with data

The project team does their daily work with personal dashboards in one platform.

Transparency for everyone

Keep insight and direction with real-time status and transparency with our own experts, client and suppliers

Quality assurance is taken care of

The expert directs his own work, guided by the agreed digital working method.

Easy to adapt

Configure every project according to your needs and always be able to make adaptations yourself.

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A selection of the applications

Quality control & Inspections

The solution for controlling the entire inspection process from preparation to reporting.

Delivery report

The complete solution for client and contractor for optimal control over the delivery and quality reports.

Tender plan

The solution for the tender team to quickly draw up and maintain a tender plan together.

Virtual testing & qualification

The solution for engineering teams to keep track of design configurations and to quickly set up simulations.

Simple and you are in control

Simple interface

Simple to use; clear user interface for all users

Personal access

Personal access with dashboards and tasks that are relevant to you

Always able to adapt

The advantage of KE-chain platform is that you can always adjust it yourself.

Rapid setup

With the complete set of building blocks you can quickly and easily do your own design. Everything visually without code.

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Infra & construction

Quality assurance and control during supervision of light rail construction projects




Brake system configuration application with product qualification reports


BAM Infra Rail

Infra & construction

Quality inspections and documentation for projects in rail infra construction

your custom application

Set up quickly with standard building blocks

With the complete set of building blocks and wizards you can quickly and easily create your own interior. Visual. No code.

Use standard application templates

With the standard application templates from KE-chain you have a flying start with the design of your own application.

Your own application = your own branding

You quickly create your own environment with your own branding; color, logo and landing page.

Always with your data with powerful API

The data belongs to our users and with the powerful restfull API you can access everything.

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we are always there for you

We help you with the initial setup

We will off course help you on your way and help you create the optimal interior for you.

Assured of updates

We continue to improve KE-chain and we do this together with our users.

Praised for our support

All our customers are enthusiastic about our support and appreciate that we think along with them.

Everything is arranged with the subscription

With KE-chain you are assured of availability, storage, backups and security. We unburden you.