Optimal digital recording and reporting

Forms and workflows for quality assurance, project control, compliance and systems engineering

Optimal work with forms and workflows

The platform for digital collaboration and to optimize work processes. With KE-chain you optimise the business process from registrations to reports. With KE-chain you have a solution that can be widely used for quality assurance, project management, compliance, safety, risk management and systems engineering.

KE-chain is a web-platform through which you collaborate in real time. Thanks to personal logins, each user has immediate insight into their own information. You work with your own forms and methods. KE-chain adapts to your business process.

With the low-code platform, you can easily and visually set up everything yourself. Thanks to this flexibility, you can effortlessly adapt the layout to your situation. With the API, you can always access your data and links with other systems are easily made.

The most important features

In control

With KE-chain you are able to arrange everything the way you want it. Set everything up the way you're used to.


Always work together in real time. Never wonder again if you are working with the latest version.

Own working method

Digitalization of the own work processes is possible with the forms and workflow building blocks of the platform.

Register everything

Record everything you want. Text, photos, selections, documents, date, location, QR code, signature and more

Digital collaboration

A place for the whole team to work together from registrations to reports. Watching AND working together.

Report directly

With the press of a button your form is translated into a digital report including all attachments in a PDF.

Own forms

With the flexible set-up you can digitally transfer your own forms 1-to-1 to KE-chain.

Each device

Work from any device; laptop, tablet or phone. You can get started right away with any web browser.

Form modeller

Create your own specific forms easily and quickly. Everything can be set up visually and adjusted at any time.

What our users say

All configurations, calculations and reports together in one online environment for all users

ZF Wabco

A place for the excavation chain to cooperate digitally in the prevention of excavation damage


Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go.


With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects

BAM Infra Rail

More about KE-chain


The platform to work optimally from registrations to reports. Your own digital working method with full control.


Optimal work from registrations to reports for various sectors; construction and infrastructure, manufacturing and more


Work optimally from registration to reporting for quality assurance, project control, compliance, systems engineering.

Live demo

Watch one of the live demos

Watch a live demo

Register for one of the live webinars. Ideal to ask all your questions right away. You can also request a personal demo using one of your own forms as an example.