About us

KE-chain is a product by ke-works

Our mission: Every expert in control

Our mission is to create solutions that serve the expert. Every expert directs their own work. The freedom to make the best decision. In the team the obligation to account for that.

Keep it simple!

KE-works literally and figuratively stands for Knowledge Engineering, – works. With a background in aviation, infrastructure and software development, we understand better than anyone how important simplicity is when systems become more complex.

Our customers’ success is key

We are a diverse and dynamic team with a passion to help our customers continuously improve themselves. Our DNA; User-oriented, Continuous integration, Adaptability, Quality assurance.

Great at working together

We are great at working together. Our network consists of all kinds of parties in infrastructure, construction and industry. We develop solutions with other specialists in the high-tech software. In order to stay ahead, we participate in innovations in the field of smart engineering in an international network.


We help you with the initial setup

We will of course help you on your way and help you create the optimal interior for you.

Praised for our good support

All our customers are enthusiastic about our support and appreciate that we think along with them.

Assured of updates

We continue to improve KE-chain and we do this together with our users.

Everything is arranged with the subscription

With KE-chain you are assured of availability, storage, backups and security. We unburden you.

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Pleasure in what you do

We are great at working together. The expert is central. This also applies to ourselves. We believe that we will find the best solution together. That this is the most effective way. And especially because this gives everyone the most fun.

Job opportunities

Open application

We are always looking for good people. If you would like to work with us, please contact us!

Are we looking for you?

We look forward to speaking to you