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Examples of digital forms, applications among our users, the latest features of the KE-chain platform, and news we’d like to share with you

Mourik Infra and FL use KE-chain in dike reinforcement project

Mourik Infra and FL are working together in a dike reinforcement project for Waterschap Limburg. Good project management is crucial. They do that with KE-chain. The manager of project management talks about his experiences.

KE-chain event 2023

In the KE-chain event 2023, we will discuss digitalization and sustainability with six speakers with the theme; ready for the future.

Digital tree inspections with KE-chain (VTA)

Visual Tree Assessments (VTAs) are an important tool for detecting tree defects by visual inspection. These inspections are now fully digitized by KE-chain.

Brabotech: Maintenance of Prins Clausplein using KE-chain

At the end of August 2022, during 4 weekends, major maintenance was carried out on Prins Clausplein.

Avoid fines and excavation damage.

Experts from municipalities Amersfoort, Rotterdam, Enschede, Oosterhout and Rhenen will provide education Dec. 8 in preventing excavation damage with C5P.

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