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Brabotech: Maintenance of Prins Clausplein using KE-chain

At the end of August 2022, during 4 weekends, major maintenance was carried out on Prins Clausplein.

During this period, traffic on the A12 from The Hague could not travel to the A4 towards Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Maintenance consisted of replacing the asphalt system, joint crossings and preserving railings. Joint crossings form the link in the road pavement between structures and earth track and between individual sections of the superstructure of the structures.

Brabotech, because of its specialties related to concrete repairs, joint transitions and waterproofing on bridges and viaducts, focused on performing these specific parts of the maintenance project. Since they already have experience with KE-chain’s digital inspection capabilities, this digital inspection tool was again used in this project.

Steven Kroon, project leader and involved from the first moment in the major maintenance of the Prins Clausplein, is happy to tell more about this project and his (user) experiences with the KE-chain with regard to digital inspection, which were implemented during this work.

Execution of work

Let’s start with some numbers to get an idea of the work done during the weekends:

– Ripped 8000 m2 of asphalt, made repairs and installed Sami.

– 200 m1 of joint crossings replaced.

– 100 m1 of joint tape replaced.

– 150 m1 of flexural joint taped.

– 1500 m1 of flexible edging installed.

– 1500 m1 railing painted.

– Concrete repair performed.

– 50 ramp edge plates applied at the level of the steel joints and bending joints.

– 250 m1 of bituminous mock joint installed.

Close collaboration within the team

The project team involved in the preparation and execution of this work intensively use KE-chain’s digital inspection forms. Not only to record the inspections but also to manage the outcomes of the inspections done. Because they work with a relatively small specialized team, the entire team is present when performing inspections and are constantly faced with the challenge of executing a project as effectively and efficiently as possible. An example of this is that hot stones used to be driven to their destination in wheelbarrows. Nowadays, the bucket of the articulated mop is used where the pebbles are cut/distributed into the chute by means of a pneumatic slide. Not only is this more efficient, but especially with these long lengths, it also reduces the physical exertion of the people doing this work.

Traditional: loose files and extra attention

With the help of KE-chain, the project was fully digitized, workflows, contexts and templates were shaped. After this setup, the necessary forms were assigned and linked to the people who needed to perform inspections and these inspections could be performed digitally.

Brabotech already has a lot of experience with KE-chain, in both export and preparation, so many inspection templates were already ready in its own library. Depending on the project, these created templates, project specific could be customized and optimized.

Through KE-chain, the results of the inspections are recorded directly in the digital form. From KE-chain, this is further processed into a report and final delivery to the client. What is seen as a big advantage of KE-chain is that you can collaborate with multiple people in the application in real time . As a result, you are not dependent on others and can perform, complete and keep up with inspections at all times.

“A big advantage of KE-chain is that you can collaborate with multiple people in the application in real time.

You easily add each inspection in the application. Searching for the right information or not being able to find data or photos is thus a thing of the past for Brabotech. With the KE-chain application, inspections are displayed and stored in real time.

Steven is enthusiastic about the reporting possibilities within KE-chain, “there are many options how you can shape your report so that you can make it completely customized and on behalf of the final opleverdossier.

Steven says his favorite feature of KE-chain is that all the information is directly and digitally together. Should something be incorrect, it is possible to pass a question and notification to the inspector directly through the platform. Inspection forms are readable and for many solid materials you can create a single- and/or multiselect field so that one only has to select.

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