Case: BAM Infra Rail

BAM Infra Rail offers a complete range of services relating to rail infrastructure: from engineering to construction and maintenance

With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects

Infra, Systems engineering
BAM Infra Rail offers a complete service package for rail infrastructure: from engineering to the construction and maintenance of rail connections. BAM focuses on the railway, switches, signals, level crossings and the overhead wires.


BAM Infra Rail uses KE-chain for the digital inspection of all their technology fields. Hundreds of forms are often used per project. The administrative process surrounding the inspection made it costly to prepare, maintain an overview and deliver the correct forms to the client completely and correctly on time.


With KE-chain, BAM has digitized all forms and the entire process. BAM is now able to work together real-time and demonstrably. The forms have been converted 1-to-1 into a digital version. The execution folder with inspections is automatically generated. The experts are enthusiastic about the freedom of the interior, the simplicity and the extra insight.


  • Real-time status of the work
  • No more incomplete or missing forms
  • 40+% reduction in man hours
  • Deliver immediately demonstrable

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