Case: De Kuiper Infrabouw

De Kuiper Infrabouw is active as a contractor in the infrastructure and infrastructure construction sectors.

With KE-chain we can now really demonstrate that what we build is also good and beautiful.


Results count. They are convinced of this at De Kuiper Infrabouw. The family business has been a reliable partner for (semi-) governments, project developers and construction companies for many years. They focus on infrastructure and infrastructure construction works. The engineering associated with these projects is an integral part of the activities. De Kuiper Infrabouw uses KE-chain to carry out all quality inspections. Jan-Willem Meerkerk, director at De Kuiper Infrabouw, calls KE-chain the link between the drawing and reality and is happy to tell us more about it.

The link between the drawing and reality

Jan-Willem: “We use KE-chain to carry out all inspections in our projects. We used to make separate inspection documents. That was a labor-intensive process and gave little insight into the work. With KE-chain we now carry out all inspections and create reports. It helps enormously that everything is in one application. At the moment I only have to look at the photos in the KE-chain during an inspection to see what the status is at work. “

“Our goal is to make the world a better place with what we build. With KE-chain we can now really demonstrate that what we build is good and beautiful. The drawing is submitted to the inspection from engineering. Based on this, the prefab concrete parts in the production hall are already inspected before they go to work. All other inspections are then done at work. We then deliver the report from KE chain to our client. KE-chain is the link between the drawing and reality. ”

Organize the way we work

After some help from the KE-chain team at the start, the De Kuiper Infrabouw team is now fully in control. Jan-Willem: “We had help with creating the forms during the start-up. In that phase I was also actively involved myself. The tool offers many possibilities and we have now set it up for ourselves as simply and efficiently as possible. My colleagues have now taken over completely from me. KE-chain is used by all work planners in the office, by the contractors at work and for the inspections of precast concrete parts in the production hall. ”

“We can organize KE-chain according to the way we work. A good example is a project that we are now doing in the area near Geldermalsen. There we will realize 350 meters of quay wall and 4 access bridges (more info: De Bastide, een robust project! ). The quay wall is divided into twelve parts of 30 meters with floor, pile driving, reinforcement and masonry. It has been setup exactly like this in KE-chain. We do that ourselves and do not need any support. ”

Photos and reports are favorites

When asked what the favorite feature of KE-chain is, Jan-Willem knows what that is. Jan-Willem: “Outside they are enthusiastic about taking the photos. They are very enthusiastic about it and are happy to use it. I myself am very enthusiastic about the PDF report of a form. With one click you will receive a PDF of the form including all drawings and photos in your e-mail. We now also use the report to export multiple forms simultaneously in a ZIP file. That is really easy. ”

Watch a live demo

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