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Mourik is a contractor active in infrastructure, industrial services, utility construction and catalyst handling.

With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process.

Like many infrastructure companies, Mourik uses Relatics to keep an overview of the requirements for specification and verification. They use KE chain to carry out inspections and other registrations. To maintain an overview in one place, the results of the inspections are combined in Relatics. This was an error-prone and manual administrative process for the use of KE-chain. With KE-chain they have created a bidirectional link with Relatics that optimizes the entire process. Maarten Boer, information manager and systems engineer at Mourik, is happy to tell us more.

The search for a suitable solution

In order to explain the added value of the link, Maarten takes us along in their quest for a system that matches Mourik’s own way of working. Maarten: “When we started with Relatics, we soon realized that we needed a different solution for digital registration. If you look for other solutions, integration with Relatics turns out to be the biggest problem. We always got stuck there because the other application imposes a certain method. As a result, the integration was always unnatural and never matched the own working method. It resulted in a lot of work because we could guarantee with checklists in one system, but the update towards Relatics was manual and error-prone. In addition, the users who are active in the implementation had to work with a system that was designed to serve the customer. The work planners are simply made administratively mad. ”

The power of the bidirectional interface

With KE-chain an optimal working method is possible and everyone is relieved. Maarten: “In consultation with the work preparation experts, a method has been put together to minimize the administrative burden. With the KE chain interface it is now possible to automate that entire process. As a result, work planners only work in one system. This relieves the customer and our own project management experts. ”

Maarten: “Now it is very clear with KE-chain that you manage part of the process in Relatics and part in KE-chain. Relatics is optimally designed to support the agreements with the customer, for example based on work packages. In Relatics the progress and status are fully automatically included. As a work prepration expert, you no longer have to adjust anything manually. This ensures that you can optimally organize the KE chain for the work of the work preperation and operation. ”

Easy switch to KE-chain

The interface is easy to implement yourself. Maarten: “The verification model in Relatics drives what is needed for the design of the interface. This is often very specific to your own organization. The process that we have set up for this is the same for every organization. You can therefore simply apply them. You can easily switch from evidence as a document from a DMS to a document from KE-chain. ”

Maarten: “We were able to establish the first interface together with experts from KE-chain. We did that in just over a day. The interface is set up in such a way that forms are automatically created in KE-chain when activities are created in Relatics. The status and the result of the verification are also automatically linked and are transferred from KE-chain to Relatics. This completely decouples whatever that evidence or requirement is. With this interface we have actually perfected the integration. ”

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