Case: RET

RET is a public transport company including the management and maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure

Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go.

Infra, Compliance

The RET is an integrated public transport company and also responsible for the management and maintenance of the vehicles and infrastructure. RET works with KE-chain to support the projects for management and maintenance of the infrastructure. Roll up your sleeves and look to the future. That is the RET and that is also how we know Ron Huijsman. Ron is the manager of systems, such as public address system, camera systems, cables and pipes, tram switch control, all systems at a station. Ron has been working with KE-chain for some time and is happy to tell us more about how KE-chain helps him.

Contract supervision

Ron: “We use KE-chain to monitor and register the surveillance items. We do a baseline measurement prior to the project as well as an interim and final check. This used to be a cumbersome and labor-intensive process. We took photos per check and per point, which we then processed at the office and merged into a file in the project folder.

Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go.

With KE-chain this is now much easier. Ron: “With KE-chain, we have been doing this for some time now using a tablet. Now you can take photos directly at the location. This is now immediately available online and immediately stored in the project. Now we can also easily keep track of the residual points via an extra task with only the residual points directly linked to the registered surveillance items. It is efficient, easy to use and you are ready in one go. ”


Ron is also very pleased with the collaboration. Ron: “A good example is how I work together with a hired colleague within RET. It also works with KE-chain. I create the projects and prepare the forms. Then I share the form with him and he sets off with it. He fills it in and I get that information back and check it. This way it is very efficient, much less manual work and no more paper forms at all. It saves a lot of time. ”


When we ask Ron how he experiences the design of new forms, the practical nature of the RET shows. Ron: “I have already added several forms, the supervision diary and the control forms for the different systems we have. I always add these per project if necessary and thus complete the forms catalog step by step. ”

You can organize the form as you want and easily adjust it

“You can organize the form as you want and adjust it easily. And I can always contact you for questions. In principle it is a growth document. For example, a colleague suggested that part of the form be arranged differently, so that you only have to walk once. I only had to set the widget a little higher. “

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