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Digital forms for laboratory testing

Digital forms for laboratory testing. A workflow from preparation, execution, processing to reporting of these projects.

Digital laboratory testing

We discuss digital forms for laboratory testing. With the forms app, you can easily run multiple tests in a project. Incorporate data from the test into the form and further process and report.

Test standard, conditions and specimens

With the digital projects, you can easily start a new project. For each project, you can easily get the necessary forms from the company library. A form contains a type of test method, for example, in accordance with an own test standard or an international test standard.

The next step is to make the tests specific to the project. What test conditions are important and how should these tests be performed. The standard work instruction can thus be made project or even test specific.

The final step in preparation is to determine the specimen or samples that will be tested. The size and other obvious properties of this specimen or samples are then captured right away that are important for testing and analysis.

Input and output data from test equipment

The information collected in the digital form is the combination of the work instruction and the input data for the test equipment. You can export the input data directly to Excel or use a script linked to the smart form to export a specific data input format.

Based on that input data and the work instructions, the test can be performed on the test equipment.

You can then import the test results in a similar way. You can load an Excel into a table in the form by default. You can also use a script to load the data.

Since KE-chain has a powerful API, it is also possible to exchange data with the test equipment via Web services.

Analysis and reporting of test results

You can then analyze the test results directly in the digital form. Since you can link your own analyses and calculations directly with scripts to the form. In this way, the necessary analyses about the data are done. To make the report complete, the necessary figures are generated.

With the forms app, you can instantly generate a PDF report, including all the information you include in it. The PDF automatically attaches all information such as pictures, instructions and figures. This way you have a PDF report with all the information.

Of course, you can also choose to customize a report with your own house style and layout by using a script.

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