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Digital forms for welding: inspections, registrations and renovations

Digital forms for welding: inspections, registrations and renovations. Collaborate easily, prevent errors and report immediately. Watch the demo

Digital form for welding

During this demonstration, we will discuss three different digital forms used during welding. We will discuss these forms and the digital way of working. The advantage of working digitally with KE-chain is that you can easily collaborate with the information, avoid errors and be sure that the report is complete and correct.

Welding inspections

The firstdigital form is a welding inspection form. The purpose of this form is to record the condition of the current situation based on a checklist.

Welding Quality Checklist

Welding Records

The second digital form is a welding registration form. The purpose of this form is to control welding operations. Pre-specifying the welds, registering the welder and linking the test reports to show that the weld complies.

Welding Records

Welding renovations

The third digital form is a form for controlling the integral welding renovation process. The form includes a seven-step process. The process includes preparation, recording the situation, preparing the part, performing welding, post-processing, testing situation in each step and reporting the entire work.

Weld refurbishment

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