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Digital tree inspections with KE-chain (VTA)

Visual Tree Assessments (VTAs) are an important tool for detecting tree defects by visual inspection. These inspections are now fully digitized by KE-chain.

Implementation of VTAs

Performing a VTA consists of three stages. In the first stage, a specialist performs a thorough visual examination and identifies the external features of internal mechanical defects and symptoms of biotic or abiotic problems. If there are no outward signs of potential problems, the investigation is limited to this stage. If a defect is suspected based on the observed symptoms, it must be confirmed by a thorough examination. And if a significant defect is found, it is located, quantified and mapped. If necessary, specialized instruments can also be used to measure internal irregularities.

Preventing fragmentation through digitization

KE-chain has developed a way to help tree safety inspectors perform VTAs (tree safety assessments). In the past, it was often a time-consuming and difficult process to gather information for these reviews, and it could also be difficult to know if you were using the latest version of the information. In addition, it was often necessary to manually transcribe or copy information, and sometimes tree safety inspectors even had to physically carry documents or call to ask about the status of a particular process.

With KE-chain’s digital solution, tree safety inspectors no longer have to worry about finding the right information. They no longer have to spend time manually retyping, copying information or physically carrying around documents. All information recorded directly digitally, which means there is no risk of forgetting something or not recording it properly.


For tree managers, this brings several examples, as they are now able to keep track of all tree information digitally. This can help, for example, when creating management plans or making decisions about which trees to remove or replace. In short, KE-chain’s digital solution makes it much easier for tree safety inspectors and managers to perform VTAs and keep track of all relevant tree data.

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