Field notifications

With your own phone

the key features

Simple and fast

With the app on your own phone it is a piece of cake. With a few clicks, the notification is completed with photo, location and comments.

Always at hand

Previously you took an A4 from the shack, for example for an accident report, now you register it directly in the right place and the information is known in the office in real time.

Integrated approach

All information transparent

Notifications and other unplanned registrations are just as easy with KE-chain. This gives you all the information directly in one place and you will never forget to pass on anything.

All unplanned registrations

Unplanned registrations and notifications – Deviations from the scope of the work – Safety risks.

Smart control

Follow up on field notifications

Information flows where you really want the data. The field notification is managed centrally. Just like the action list that is linked to it.

Nothing forgotten and less work

It prevents phone calls and whatsapps between colleagues. Prevents extra lists and relieves the project team. So that “more work” is not forgotten to invoice.

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Infra & construction

Inspections and quality reports for constructional hydraulic engineering projects



Infra & construction

Quality assurance and control during supervision of light rail construction projects