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Form for maintenance work based on specifications

Digital form for the preparation, recording, execution and delivery of maintenance work based on specifications.

Digitaal formulier voor onderhoudswerk met bestek

Digital form maintenance work with specifications

A digital form for project control and quality assurance of maintenance work including specification items, budget, control and
. This digital form uses workflow for this purpose to support the steps in the work. In addition, a calculation has also been added to determine the budget and cost.

The form fits into the management of maintenance work and can therefore be used by both the client and the contractor.

Specification items

The first step in the workflow of the digital form is to prepare the specification items. These are the agreed upon work including the unit and cost per unit. You can already capture this list in the form’s template in the company or project catalog. Of course, you can also modify it when you start using the form.


Digital form for maintenance - step 1 cutlery items


Recording work with budget

During the second step of the workflow, the work is determined with a site survey. Based on that inspection, the work will be listed indicating the cutlery item, location, photo, description and quantity. For the location, you can choose, for example, an address or the National Triangle System. You can do all this with a phone or tablet on location.

Based on the recorded activities, a calculation is used to determine the budget per activity and the total. This is the budget for the recorded work. The capture of the photos and description ensure that the initial situation is clearly recorded. This gives a complete picture on which to decide to proceed with the work.


Digital form for maintenance - step 2 recording

Carry out work with additional work

While performing the work, there is the possibility of recording the result of the work for each activity. Of course whether it has been executed and if relevant also a description and photo of the delivered situation. The form makes clever use of filters so that only the open work can be seen in the overview. This makes it easy to keep track of the work that still needs to be done.

In addition, another option was added to include additional work and/or costs during implementation. For example, receipts from suppliers can also be included in the records.


Digital form for maintenance - step 3 execution

Monitoring and reporting with cost report

The final step is a check of the form showing the total cost of the work. The audit is by activity and divided into outstanding and already completed activities. Digital signing is the final part of this step.

You can always export the information in this step and the previous steps to PDF or export the table to Excel so that you can share the information with the client or contractor.


Digital form for maintenance - step 4 reporting

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