Hydraulic engineering and construction

Hakkers is active in the field of (structural) hydraulic engineering works and related activities. Hakkers focuses on the development, production and realization of earth, dredging, construction, foundation, coastal and bank works.



Hakkers carries out more than sixty projects every year. They use over 1,400 forms per year to demonstrate that the work has been completed and correctly. The delivery, completion and collection of these forms creates considerable administrative pressure on the implementers and the rest of the organization.


Hakkers uses KE-chain to carry out inspections in the workshop and at project locations. KE-chain relieves this administrative pressure, which leads to time savings and higher reliability. The preparers and implementers are enthusiastic about the ease of use of KE-chain. With KE chain, Hakkers can deliver projects faster and better.


  • Working with the own inspection process
  • Freedom to organize the app and create forms yourself
  • Simple to use
  • Good service and pleasant cooperation

KE-chain reduces the administrative pressure of the inspection process, which saves time and improves reliability

Jan van Lith

Manager KAM- en project management, Hakkers

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