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Insight into 3000 incidents at Mourik

Mourik uses KE-chain to digitize incident management in maintenance contracts

Live demo digitalisering incidentmanagement

Digitization of incident management

Rijkswaterstaat and other asset owners are finding it increasingly important to have their data in order. Not only do they want to be informed more, but they are increasingly asking for advice. So for a contractor like Mourik, it is important that they can easily share the data AND their insights with their customer. Digitization is going to help with that.

Mourik makes a strategic commitment to digitalization. They want to go further than just keep up with the digitization of the market. They really want to add value. The maintenance contracts of the Department of Public Works are a good example where this insight adds value to their customer. Marijo Orgers is the project manager of these dry maintenance contracts at Mourik. Marijo likes to explain how Mourik does this with the KE-chain.

KE-chain is a nice app, where everything is in one environment. Rijkswaterstaat is also very pleased with the completeness of the report in one pdf file.

Marijo Orgers

Project manager maintenance contracts, Mourik

3000 calamities per year

Marijo: “The maintenance contracts consist of regular maintenance and incident management. We work with a team of 120 employees, 40 of whom are involved with some 3,000 incidents per year. The team is responsible for the road infrastructure including engineering structures such as bridges in South Holland-South and West Brabant. The team is working 24/7 to secure the road and make sure it is available AND functional again as soon as possible. So towing the car away is one and repairing the guide rail is two.”

It worked with a lot of handiwork

Marijo: “The registration of the incidents was a lot of manual work. Payments were tracked completely separately from the recording of incidents by field staff. Therefore, a lot of manual work was required with a chance of errors. In addition, the interference sensitivity increased with the size of the data. Thus, more and more tricks emerged to keep the system running. We knew what we needed and didn’t want to wait for things to go wrong again. So we started looking for a sustainable solution.”

Now we are collaborating digitally with KE-chain

Marijo: “We found that solution with KE-chain. Now we do everything in one environment. In our own streamlined process. We now REALLY work together digitally from registration to delivery. We stopped all the emails and started working smarter with the customer. Instead of plugging the holes, we are now much more engaged as an organization in working smarter. Kudos to the team for now working together on how to improve the way we work.

We really did this together with our whole team and the people from KE-chain. Our own way of working was always the starting point. With a core team, we digitized our working methods in this way step-by-step. All these steps were then well tested together with our people inside and outside and with the customer. The transition from the old to the new way of working therefore also went very smoothly.”

The basis for proactive maintenance

Marijo: “With KE-chain, it is also easier to link data to other systemssuch as ArcGIS and ClickSense. In the long run, I do believe that you can map everything geographically so that you can immediately see in which bend incidents happen, for example. These analyses are essential for the next step in service delivery. Digitization can really help provide our customer with data AND new insights into the data.”

Watch the live demo incident management

Wondering how KE-chain helps digitize incident management? Watch the live demo.

mourik incident management

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