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KE-chain event: Digitization + Sustainability

Next spring March 16, 2023 is the KE-chain event. Digitization and sustainability are the focus of this event. Four speakers from different sectors share their ambitions and experiences.

Ready for the future

Next spring March 16, 2023 is the KE-chain event. It will be a special event where we will focus on digitalization and sustainability with four speakers with the theme; ready for the future.

The four speakers are from four different sectors; infra, energy, automotive and aerospace. The speakers will take us through their challenges and how sustainability and digitization are reflected in them.

We also like to take you through how we help with that. How we deploy and further develop KE-chain to give you the digital tools to keep a grip on projects today and in the future.

We will meet at a special location in Delft, The Green Village. The Green Village is THE field lab for sustainable innovation in construction and infrastructure. It can be found in the middle of the Delft University of Technology campus. Just steps away from this field lab is TNO’s building innovation lab . Both very inspiring locations that we would love to take you to.


Maarten Boer

Information manager IT at Mourik Infra & Information manager Strong Lekdijk at Mourik

Strategic commitment to a distinctive role in the major tasks of infrastructure and water safety in the Netherlands

Joris Bongenaar

Chairman at KLO & Manager of Environmental Management Netherlands at Gasunie

Supervise transformation in the digging chain to prevent avoidable digging damage in the Netherlands

Mark Cuyx

Head of Product Segment Braking, Suspension and Aero at ZF Wabco

Improve safety and reduce emissions of commercial vehicles as an automotive supplier

Paul Arendsen

Head of Structures Testing and Evaluation at NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Working to qualify materials to meet the climate goals of the European Green Deal


Location: The Green Village in Delft

Date: March 16, 2023

Time: 13:00-16:00

Green Village Delft

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