Optimal work with forms and workflows
Simple to use
Own working method
All devices
Optimal work with forms and workflows             Simple to use       Own working method       All devices

Knowledge base

A selection of cases within infrastructure and industry

Digital form - Zero measurement and checks - all devices

VCA workplace inspection

A form for carrying out VCA workplace inspections for all employees.

Form for minor maintenance work

Sample form for preparing, recording, performing and reporting minor maintenance work.

Let systems engineering work for you

Digitalisation makes it easier to apply systems engineering. Wondering what it can do for you?

How do you comply with the CROW500 with the C5P app?

C5P makes the step from CROW500 guideline to implementation

Relatics coupling

With KE-chain we have a bi-directional link with Relatics that optimizes the entire process.

Schedule an appointment

Request a personal demo using one of your own forms. Ideal for specifically addressing the needs of your own organization.