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Collaborate smarter and build quality in Reduce failure costs Accelerate processes Increase quality Increase insight

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Custom app

An app tailored to your specific work process based on the KE-chain. Quick to set up with the low-code platform. For the infra and manufacturing industry.

Simple to use
Own working method
All devices

These organizations rely on KE-chain

A customised app with the power of the KE-chain platform

An application optimised for your work process; from registrations to reports. The whole team works together in real time with the same information and everyone has a direct insight into their own work. You can get started from any device anywhere via the web browser and the iOS and Android apps.

Thanks to the low-code KE-chain platform, there is always a way to digitise your specific way of working. With the building blocks of the platform you have a solution for your working method; flexible data, documents, workflow, calculations and more.

With the KE-chain platform you are also assured that you are always fully in control. You can customise the layout yourself via the form and workflow ‘builders’. You can always access your own data and links with other systems are easily made thanks to the powerful API. Everything is based on a transparent subscription.


In control

With KE-chain you are able to arrange everything the way you want it. Set everything up the way you're used to.

Own working method

Digitalization of the own work processes is possible with the forms and workflow building blocks of the platform.

Own automations

With the separate script environment you can manage, update, link and use all calculations.

Register everything

Record everything you want. Text, photos, selections, documents, date, location, QR code, signature

Digital collaboration

A place for the whole team to work together from registrations to reports. Watching AND working together.

Own forms

With the flexible set-up you can digitally transfer your own forms 1-to-1 to KE-chain.

What our users say

ZF Wabco

ZF Wabco supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology.

"All configurations, calculations and reports together in one online environment for all users "

Cable and pipe consultation (KLO).

KLO is a partnership of excavation contractors, network operators and subsoil managers.

"A place for the excavation chain to cooperate digitally in the prevention of excavation damage"

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