Optimal work with forms and workflows
Simple to use
Own working method
All devices
Optimal work with forms and workflows             Simple to use       Own working method       All devices

The forms app for all digital forms

A forms app to work online and digitally with all types of forms. For the infra and manufacturing industry.

Simple to use
Own working method
All devices

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A forms app for all types of digital forms

The forms app is for all types of digital forms. The app makes it easy to work together from set-up to registration and reporting. Create forms for inspections, tests, project administration, safety, requirements verification and much more. With the forms app, you have a solution for all forms: digital forms, workflow forms, smart forms, collaborative forms, offline forms, GIS forms and more.

You can use the app on any device anywhere via the web browser or mobile app for any mobile device running iOS or Android. With the forms app, you work together online and in real time. All changes are reported by the app immediately. Everyone has immediate insight into their own work. The mobile app also allows you to do offline notifications.

In each digital form you can register exactly what is needed; all types of data, all types of documents and you can also place a digital signature. You can always easily report any form including attachments with the app. All digital forms can also be easily compiled into a report. The app allows you to download any report or share it via email with any email address.

With the forms app, you are also assured that you are always in complete control. With the form builder of the app you can easily transfer digital forms or digitize paper forms. Thanks to the various forms, there is always a way to digitise your specific way of working. You can always access your own data and a link to existing systems is easily made thanks to the forms app’s powerful API.

Werken met de formulieren app

Access anywhere

With the forms app, you can access your own digital forms from anywhere. You work with the web browser on any device; phone, tablet and computer. The forms app allows you to work online on any mobile device using the web browser. The mobile app, available in the Apple and Android app stores, also allows you to do offline notifications.

While filling out the forms, all changes are transmitted in real time. With the forms app, you work together online and in real time. All changes are immediately communicated to everyone. Everything is stored securely with the app and everyone always up to date via the web browser.

All forms

You can use the forms app to create any forms. For example, a digital form for quality assurance, project control, compliance, safety or systems engineering.

Examples are forms with the forms app are visual inspections, condition measurements, laboratory tests, materials supply and removal, workplace inspections, completion files, requirements verification and much more.

Register everything

You can use the forms app to register anything; both data and files. For example, photos, numbers, text, location or weather information, references, checklists, digital signature, PDF documents and much more.

You can use the app to export the data and documents of each form to PDF including attachments at once. Each table can be easily exported to or imported from Excel. The forms app allows you to export multiple forms to ZIP including attachments. You can also choose to share a report or link by email.

Form builder

With the form builder of the forms app, you can digitize any existing digital or paper forms. You can fully determine per form what the method is, what information is needed in which step and what automations you want to add. You can also create links to existing systems.

Transfer all your paper forms 1-to-1 to the forms app. So with the forms app, you really work based on your own way of working. You don’t have to adapt to the system; the system adapts to you.



The transparency statement states what we do with what data. With the API you always have access to your own data.

In control

With KE-chain you are able to arrange everything the way you want it. Set everything up the way you're used to.


Always work together in real time. Never wonder again if you are working with the latest version.

Register everything

Record everything you want. Text, photos, selections, documents, date, location, QR code, signature and more

All documents

You can save all documents with your form. This way you have all your data and documents in one place.

Digital collaboration

A place for the whole team to work together from registrations to reports. Watching AND working together.

Report directly

With the press of a button your form is translated into a digital report including all attachments in a PDF.

Each device

Work from any device; laptop, tablet or phone. You can get started right away with any web browser.

All data types

You can capture any type of data, such as text, numbers, QR code, lists, location, photo, documents, references and more

What our users say

With KE-chain we can work much more efficiently. You now have a real overview and have to search much less for information

With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process.

Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go.

With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects


Sample form for preparing, recording, performing and reporting minor maintenance work.

Every day the latest information from KE-chain summarized in a dashboard in Power BI. A link that is simple.

With KE-chain we have a bi-directional link with Relatics that optimizes the entire process.

Digitalisation makes it easier to apply systems engineering. Wondering what it can do for you?

A form for carrying out VCA workplace inspections for all employees.

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