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Collaborate smarter and build quality in Reduce failure costs Accelerate processes Increase quality Increase insight

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Digital collaboration

Digital cooperation from registrations to reports with the entire project team inside and outside the organisation. For the infra and manufacturing industry.

Simple to use
Own working method
All devices

These organizations rely on KE-chain

Digital cooperation from registrations to reports

Digital cooperation from registrations to reports with the entire project team inside and outside the organisation. You work together on forms, projects and catalogues. Each user can have direct insight into their own work. In the projects, you can always join colleagues.

Working within projects is easy to bring the project team together. You can assign everyone their own personal tasks or let everyone do their own work. Of course, you can also work on the same forms with several people. How convenient!

In addition, all information in KE-chain is always easy to share and report. This makes it easy to let everyone watch or to quickly share the reports with third parties. Cooperation is key.


Register everything

Record everything you want. Text, photos, selections, documents, date, location, QR code, signature

Manage team

You can easily set up and manage the project team to give access to everyone inside and outside the organization.

Distribution of work

Easily distribute the work to the team members in the project. Per form and per step in the working method.

Sharing of reports

The PDF and ZIP reports can be shared directly by e-mail from KE-chain or you can simply share the webpage.

Digital projects

Each project has its own environment with its own forms, templates, periods, locations, objects, etc.

Watching with team

Everyone in the project team can watch their colleagues but can only work with their own forms.

What our users say


RET is a public transport company including the management and maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure

"Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go."

BAM Infra Rail

BAM Infra Rail offers a complete range of services relating to rail infrastructure: from engineering to construction and maintenance

"With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects"

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