Document registration

All documents can be easily saved with your form in KE-chain. Data and documents in one place, it's easy.

All documents can be easily saved

All documents can be easily saved with your form in KE-chain. In each form, the data and documents are together, which is very convenient. It is no longer necessary to keep the documents separately from the registrations.

All documents are directly included in the reports. Of course, you can include these in the ZIP reports and the documents will be attached. You can even choose to include the PDF and photo attachments directly in the PDF report of the form. Everything together in one document!

PDF and photo attachments can also be displayed directly in the form. So you don't have to open them to see the information in the document. Of course, you can also annotate the photos and indicate what is relevant in the photo.

Attachment in reports
You can directly include all PDF and photo attachments in a form into the PDF report. A document with everything.
Show PDF directly
All PDF documents can be shown directly in a form. Instantly see what is in the document without opening it
All documents
You can save all documents with your form. This way you have all your data and documents in one place.
ZIP reports
Any selection of forms can be automatically merged into a ZIP file including all attachments.
PDF reports
Each form can be automatically downloaded or shared as a PDF including all attachments and link back to the form.
Sharing of reports
The PDF and ZIP reports can be shared directly by e-mail from KE-chain or you can simply share the webpage.

What our users say

A place for the excavation chain to cooperate digitally in the prevention of excavation damage

With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process.

Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go.

With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects

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