Flexible data

Complete control over the set-up of the data. Simple visual set-up and full access via the API.

Full control over your data

Complete control over the set-up of the data. Simple visual set-up and full access via the API. Forms can be easily created visually and linked to data automatically.

With the visual data model you can easily arrange data the way you want it for use in forms or automations. These models are used automatically when a new form is created. Everything is ready for you.

This also makes it very easy to link to your own data. This makes it easy to use this data from widgets, automations or from an external system such as Power BI.

Powerful Python API
With the simple Python API you can edit all data from the platform directly.
Visual decoration
The design can easily be done visually; like widgets, workflows, forms and data. No code!
Data models
With the data models you can easily create your own design and reuse it afterwards.
Excel upload & download
Any table you use for the forms can be exported to or imported from Excel
All data types
You can capture any type of data, such as text, numbers, QR code, lists, location, photo, documents, references and more
Form modeller
Create your own specific forms easily and quickly. Everything can be set up visually and adjusted at any time.

What our users say

All configurations, calculations and reports together in one online environment for all users

A big plus of KE-chain is that our people find it simple to use in the implementation

With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process.

With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects

From our knowledge base

Form for minor maintenance work
Sample form for preparing, recording, performing and reporting minor maintenance work.
Power BI link
Every day the latest information from KE-chain summarized in a dashboard in Power BI. A link that is simple.
Relatics coupling
With KE-chain we have a bi-directional link with Relatics that optimizes the entire process.
Let systems engineering work for you
Digitalisation makes it easier to apply systems engineering. Wondering what it can do for you?

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