Smart forms

With the automations you can easily create smart forms. In this way, you optimise your own working methods even further.

Working faster and smarter with automations

With the automations you can easily create smart forms. In this way, you optimise your own working methods even further. Users can directly perform calculations, create charts and much more. Working faster and smarter.

With the automations in the scripting environment, you can add your own automations with low-code. You can set up the automations any way you like. You link the automations to one or more of the forms. The automations can be flexibly set up with the flexible scripting environment.

The automations are based on the Python programming language in the KE-chain platform. Thanks to the flexible python API, it is easy to work with data from the form. Of course, you can also choose to set up automations with the web services.

Powerful Python API
With the simple Python API you can edit all data from the platform directly.
In control
With KE-chain you are able to arrange everything the way you want it. Set everything up the way you're used to.
Own working method
Digitalization of the own work processes is possible with the forms and workflow building blocks of the platform.
Own automations
With the separate script environment you can manage, update, link and use all calculations.
Smart work process
A custom automated work process is possible with the automation building blocks of the KE-chain platform.
Digital collaboration
A place for the whole team to work together from registrations to reports. Watching AND working together.

What our users say

All configurations, calculations and reports together in one online environment for all users

With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process.


Form for minor maintenance work
Sample form for preparing, recording, performing and reporting minor maintenance work.
Power BI link
Every day the latest information from KE-chain summarized in a dashboard in Power BI. A link that is simple.
Relatics coupling
With KE-chain we have a bi-directional link with Relatics that optimizes the entire process.
VCA workplace inspection
A form for carrying out VCA workplace inspections for all employees.

Watch a live demo

Sign up for one of the live webinars. Ideal for asking all your questions right away. You can also request a personal demo using one of your own forms.