Digital projects

Working with the team forms in digital projects with specific templates, planning and reporting.

Everything at hand and tailor-made for the project

A place for the project for all forms. The whole team works together in real time with the same information. Everyone has immediate insight into their own work. You can watch with colleagues or work together on the same forms. Anyone who is in the project team can participate.

You set up the project the way you want to. You work with your own forms, which you can of course make project-specific. These forms are linked to the project-specific periods, objects, locations, work packages, etc. That helps with the overview and, of course, with the reporting!

Thanks to the various forms, there is always a way to digitise your specific way of working. You use the templates from the various company catalogues directly. Or you can make these templates project-specific. Or you can create a whole new template just for this project.

Digital collaboration
A place for the whole team to work together from registrations to reports. Watching AND working together.
Personal task list
Each user has an overview of their own active forms and can start working immediately
Project catalogue
Work with a project catalogue in which your forms are linked
Project specific templates
You can always adapt the templates in the project catalogue to the specifications and requirements of the project.
Digital projects
Each project has its own environment with its own forms, templates, periods, locations, objects, etc.
Watching team members
Everyone in the project team can watch their colleagues but can only work with their own forms.

What our customers say

This digital way of working delivers a lot of profit in making the delivery dossier complete.

With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process.

Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go.

With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects

From our knowledge base

Form for minor maintenance work
Sample form for preparing, recording, performing and reporting minor maintenance work.
Relatics coupling
With KE-chain we have a bi-directional link with Relatics that optimizes the entire process.

Watch a live demo

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