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Form reports

All forms can be reported directly as PDF including all attachments and merged into a ZIP file. For the infra and manufacturing industry.

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These organizations rely on KE-chain

Be able to report everything immediately

All forms can be reported directly. Each form can be downloaded directly to PDF or shared as a PDF or link. All attachments are directly included in the PDF. Merging of documents for reporting is all done automatically. How convenient!

With the reporting function, it is also easy to report on multiple forms, e.g. for a completion file. You choose the forms you want to export and KE-chain merges all these forms into a ZIP file for you, including the attachments if you so choose.

Do you want to edit the information? That is also possible. All the information in the tables can be easily imported and exported using Excel. With the automations, you are also able to add any reports you want. And with the API, all data is always accessible. For example, for a linkage and then the reporting is not even necessary.


ZIP reports

Any selection of forms can be automatically merged into a ZIP file including all attachments.

Report directly

With the press of a button your form is translated into a digital report including all attachments in a PDF.

PDF reports

Each form can be automatically downloaded or shared as a PDF including all attachments and link back to the form.

Excel upload and download

Any table you use for the forms can be exported to or imported from Excel

Custom reporting

With the automation feature, you can really customize reports that look exactly the way you want.

Sharing of reports

The PDF and ZIP reports can be shared directly by e-mail from KE-chain or you can simply share the webpage.

What our users say

ZF Wabco

ZF Wabco supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology.

"All configurations, calculations and reports together in one online environment for all users "



Mourik is a contractor active in infrastructure, industrial services, utility construction and catalyst handling.

"With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process."


RET is a public transport company including the management and maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure

"Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go."

BAM Infra Rail

BAM Infra Rail offers a complete range of services relating to rail infrastructure: from engineering to construction and maintenance

"With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects"


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