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Forms catalogue

Manage forms in different catalogs and link them to a project if you want to use the forms. For the infra and manufacturing industry.

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These organizations rely on KE-chain

Optimal management with different catalogues

You manage the templates optimally in one or more company catalogues. You divide this up according to your own organisation so that all disciplines and departments have their own catalogue. Of course, you can use these catalogues together in a project.

Each project has its own catalogue with a copy of the templates from the corporate catalogue. You can, of course, use these 1-to-1 and also adapt them to the project-specific information or requirements. All information is always tailored to your needs.

It is also possible to work with different business units with KE-chain where everyone works with their own catalogues and projects. And once you do an integrated project, you just work together.


In control

With KE-chain you are able to arrange everything the way you want it. Set everything up the way you're used to.

Project catalogue

Work with a project catalogue in which your forms are linked

Project specific

You can always adapt the templates in the project catalogue to the specifications and requirements of the project.

Form modeller

Create your own specific forms easily and quickly. Everything can be set up visually and adjusted at any time.

Workflow modeller

Configure your own standard operating procedures with the workflow modeller and use them for your forms.

Company catalog

Manage your forms in different company catalogues, for example by discipline or department

What our users say


Brabotech is active in concrete repair, minor asphalt maintenance, joint transitions and waterproofing of bridges and viaducts.

"This digital way of working delivers a lot of profit in making the delivery dossier complete."



Mourik is a contractor active in infrastructure, industrial services, utility construction and catalyst handling.

"With the KE-chain link it is now possible to automate that entire process."


RET is a public transport company including the management and maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure

"Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go."

BAM Infra Rail

BAM Infra Rail offers a complete range of services relating to rail infrastructure: from engineering to construction and maintenance

"With KE-chain we have insight and control over the primary construction process of our design and construct projects"

Want to learn more?

We'd love to show you the possibilities with forms and workflows; how to easily create, use and report on them with the click of a button.

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