Quality checks & Inspections

Your own forms

the key features

Quality control

With KE-chain you can easily create an quality report with your own forms. A table, checklist, photo, location everything is possible. Use the forms separately or link them to a requirement, object, period or expert.


Inspections are easy to prepare. With the flexible layout of forms, you can easily create new inspections and process them based on your own working method.

Your own working method

Your own working method is perhaps even more important in addition to your own forms. It is the backbone of the knowledge and experience of you and your organization and the foundation for any collaboration. KE chain adapts.

Company catalog

Managing forms and working methods is key to working more efficiently and effectively across projects. With KE-chain you set up your own catalogs, which you can also make specific for each project. KE chain adapts to you.

Integrated approach

All registrations together

A solution for doing all types of quality checks, inspections and registrations. All relevant information, data and documents accessible from one place. The latest version is always available with from the web interface.

Simple to use

Making registrations quickly and easily is key. A simple user interface for tablet and phone with personal access and task list. You work with your own known forms.

Organize work quickly

Organizing the work has never been easier and was so fast for small and large projects. Registration forms, instructions and drawings. Everything is ready in no time with KE-chain. Everyone can see what is expected of them in their own task list.

Easy reporting

Delivery of work is arranged. With KE-chain you can easily make the inspection or inspection report, including photos and documents. With your own layout and in the structure that you have agreed with the client.

Smart control

Optimal control with real-time insight

Never look for the latest information again. With KE-chain you have the answer immediately. Has it been completed, is it complete, is it correct or are there still deviations. Everyone sees it and can respond immediately.

Quality compliant work goes without saying

The team is guided in the execution of the work based on your own working method. Everything is transparent and easy to find. This helps with implementation and adaptation. This relieves the team and reduces the workload.

The expert is in control

De expert is key voor het nemen van de juiste beslissingen. With KE chain, the expert is in charge of his own work. The expert can fall back on not to forget anything and keep track of which deviations must be explained.

Transparent collaboration in the chain

Trust is key in collaboration with the chain partners. Providing full transparency guarantees that. It provides insight for each party into the information that is key for them to manage or even prevent risks in a timely manner.

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Infra & construction

Inspections and quality reports for constructional hydraulic engineering projects



Infra & construction

Quality assurance and control during supervision of light rail construction projects


BAM Infra Rail

Infra & construction

Quality inspections and documentation for projects in rail infra construction