Direction and supervision of light rail construction projects

RET uses KE-chain for quality assurance during the management and supervision of the light rail construction projects. The work is usually carried out by external contractors on the basis of a RAW specification.



The original working method was labor-intensive and required a lot of discipline from the employees. The supervision and inspections were done with documents; (digital) paper. This created variation between the documents of the various experts and projects. This made it more difficult to work together. It diminished colleagues’ understanding of each other’s work. Not everyone was sure they were working with the latest version. Another labor-intensive aspect was checking whether the information in the documents of the tests performed was complete and correct. Discipline of the employees to keep track of what still had to be done and to inform colleagues themselves was essential.


With the help of KE-chain, RET can demonstrably perform its work as a director and supervisor. The main advantage of KE-chain for the RET is that the experts control the management and project data during their light rail construction projects. Everyone has the data that is relevant to him or her at that moment for the implementation and provides real-time insight into the progress and status. Templates are a powerful tool in this. The digital forms workflow also makes collaboration and transfer easier. Collaboration with the contractor and other departments is now also well supported. The users of RET indicate that they are very satisfied with KE-chain because of the “look & feel”, the user-friendliness and the enthusiastic and professional support. The critical view during support and empathy with special attention to adapting the layout of KE-chain to the working method of the RET are experienced as particularly pleasant.


  • Work uniformly with templates
  • All disciplines have the same information
  • Collaborate more easily thanks to the supported workflow
  • Users enthusiastic about the user-friendliness
  • Good support with attention to “our working method”

With KE-chain we control management and project data during our light rail construction projects

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