NEN inspections

NEN inspections can be compiled and delivered optimally. Records, attachments, calculations and more.

All together, insightful and customised reporting

NEN inspections can be compiled and delivered optimally. Records, attachments, calculations and more. Use your own forms with the information that is important for demonstrability. With the flexible set-up you can transfer all forms in the file 1-to-1 digitally to KE-chain.

All types of NEN inspections, with your own forms, working methods and calculations in one form. Record everything, including text, photos, documents, attachments, locations and signatures. Digitalization of the own work processes is possible with the forms and workflow building blocks of the platform. With the separate script environment you can manage, update, link and use all calculations.

All forms in the file can always be exported to PDF, including attachments, or shared directly via email. Of course you can also easily export the entire report to a ZIP. With the powerful API you can also easily create overviews and dashboards of parts of the report.

The transparency statement states what we do with what data. With the API you always have access to your own data.
In control
With KE-chain you are able to arrange everything the way you want it. Set everything up the way you're used to.
Register everything
Record everything you want. Text, photos, selections, documents, date, location, QR code, signature and more
Smart work process
A custom automated work process is possible with the automation building blocks of the KE-chain platform.
Own forms
With the flexible set-up you can digitally transfer your own forms 1-to-1 to KE-chain.
Custom reporting
With the automation feature, you can really customize reports that look exactly the way you want.

What our users say

With KE-chain we can now really demonstrate that what we build is also good and beautiful.

A big plus of KE-chain is that our people find it simple to use in the implementation

Watch a live demo

Sign up for one of the live webinars. Ideal for asking all your questions right away. You can also request a personal demo using one of your own forms.