Risk management

Collaborate for risk management; easily manage risks and measures and link with risk analyses

Easily manage risks and measures

Collaborate for risk management; easily manage risks and measures and link with risk analyses. Use the proprietary forms to manage all risks and specify measures. With KE-chain you can easily take your team into action.

All types of risk information, with your own forms, methods and calculations in one form. Specify everything, such as text, photos, documents, locations and signatures. Your own work processes can be digitized with the forms and workflow building blocks of the platform. This way you can always demonstrate that you are working in accordance with your own working methods. With the separate script environment you can link your own risk analyses to the forms.

All forms can always be exported to PDF, including attachments, or linked with other systems. Of course you can also easily export multiple forms together to a ZIP. You can also link forms to external requirements and work packages. With the powerful API you can also easily create overviews and dashboards of your forms.

The transparency statement states what we do with what data. With the API you always have access to your own data.
In control
With KE-chain you are able to arrange everything the way you want it. Set everything up the way you're used to.
Smart work process
A custom automated work process is possible with the automation building blocks of the KE-chain platform.
Digital collaboration
A place for the whole team to work together from registrations to reports. Watching AND working together.
Distribution of work
Easily distribute the work to the team members in the project. Per form and per step in the working method.
All data types
You can capture any type of data, such as text, numbers, QR code, lists, location, photo, documents, references and more

What our users say

A place for the excavation chain to cooperate digitally in the prevention of excavation damage

Efficient, easy to use. You are done in one go.

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