Tender plan

Your own plan

the key features

Working with your own plans

With KE-chain you work with your own plans, but smart and digital. Of course, the data can always be converted into a ‘document’, so that you can share it with the customer.

Work based on your own working method

You work with your own working method. The working method, for example, as determined in its own quality management system, including the important go / no-go moments.

Integrated approach

Easy distribution of work

Everyone can see what is expected of them in their own task list. Everyone has an overview of the whole.

Better insight into changes

Changes between versions are automatically tracked, so you can only communicate them.

Set up and change quickly

Setting up the tender project has never been easier for small and large projects. Request, notes and own documents. Everything you collect with KE-chain.

All tender documentation digital

Method determined in own quality management system, including, bid / no-bid documents,

Smart control

Control over the manner of cooperation

Of course, the blocks of data can be converted into a ‘document’, so that you can share it with the rest of the organization or development partners.

Optimal collaboration with real-time information

Never look for the latest information again. With KE-chain you have the answer immediately. Has it been completed, is it complete, is it correct or are there still deviations. Everyone sees it and can respond immediately.

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JP van Eesteren

JP van Eesteren

Infra & construction

Digital collaboration with project board and digital tender plan in utility construction