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Collaborate smarter and build quality in Reduce failure costs Accelerate processes Increase quality Increase insight

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The new forms app is live!

We have listed the most important benefits for you here; Smarter collaboration with forms, Easier to find forms, Optimizing the organization of projects

Collaborate smarter with forms

Automatically pass forms with the workflow

You easily pass forms to other team members in the project. When you complete a form it goes straight to the next one in chain, for example to perform the inspection or to be used as a 2nd line check. Of course, the following will be notified with personalized notifications.

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Personalized notifications in the app and in your email

You know right away if you need to pick something up with the new notifications. You get the notifications directly in your email and with one click you are at the form. In KE-chain you have an overview of all notifications. This way you have everything at hand in one overview.

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Find forms more easily

Find forms by location, stage, requirements and more

Finding forms can now also be based on what is relevant to you. Now you can search by locations, phases, objects, disciplines, work packages, requirements and more. This way you have the forms that are relevant to you right away and you can also report them more easily.

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Look up forms in a map

How easy would it be if you could look up forms directly in a map? This is now possible by default with the new forms in KE-chain. With one click you are in the overview of the map. There you can easily find all your forms near you.

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Optimization of projects

Projects and forms can now be set up optimally

Projects can now be set up optimally. You can fully customize the project structure to fit the project. This allows you to use locations, phases, objects, disciplines, work packages, requirements and more. Work with KE-chain from requirement to delivery. But you can also just use separate forms .

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Linking with other systems

The flexible setup also makes it even easier to link to another system. For example, linking forms to a requirements system or a GIS system. For example, you can automatically link forms with client requirements.

Project forms requirements and objects

Want to learn more? Watch a live demo.

Want to know more about the new forms? View a live demo or contact Jacqueline.

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