Virtual testing & qualification

Your own models and working method

the key features

Own product is central

The challenge in multidisciplinary design is determining the design problem down to the data level. KE chain accelerates this process by 80%.

Connect your own engineering models

With KE-chain you work with your own models. We assure that you can use existing models via various smart links.

Integrated approach

Working together from a definition

A place to jointly determine the product configuration and set up analyzes. Ideal for teams that work with multiple disciplines.

Manage configuration of design studies

All design scenarios in one place. Use to compare or start a new scenario.

An environment for the whole team

The whole team shares the design information. Everyone indicates what they need and knows exactly what is expected of them.

Link own models in optimizations

Link your own models in an analysis and optimization chain. With the API or manage this in an internal system.

Smart control

Real-time insight into the current status

Never look for the latest information again. With KE-chain you have the answer immediately. Has it been completed, is it complete, is it correct or are there still deviations. Everyone sees it and can respond immediately.

Only share what is needed

Only share what you want with the flexible layout of KE-chain with reading and writing rights. Give customers access to their own dashboard or enable them to perform their own reports and analyzes.

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