Brake and control systems

WABCO is the leading global provider of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles.



Every year, Wabco and its customers make thousands of brake system configurations. All configurations that have to be calculated and approved by the government before they can be installed on a vehicle. Wabco now uses multiple applications that work differently, require expertise and cannot be managed centrally. The current working method is labor intensive and it is not possible to collect information about the configurations made.


Wabco uses KE-chain as a configurator for brake systems. KE-chain makes it possible to integrate all applications in one environment. By making the app smart, composing a new configuration has been made easier and Wabco customers are now able to compile their own configuration that previously required specific expertise. With KE chain, Wabco is now also able to store and reuse data from all configurations. KE-chain is seamlessly linked to the digital Wabco environment so that its customers can start immediately.


  • Customers can make a configuration themselves
  • All applications integrated in one environment
  • Data centrally collected and stored
  • Easily scalable and expandable

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