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We are ISO 27001 certified

With the certification of ISO/IEC 27001 by DNV, we show that data security is essential to us.

Successful ISO 27001 certification by DNV

With the certification of ISO/IEC 27001 by DNV, we show that data security is essential to us. We chose DNV because they are a leading classification body in several industries where data safety is essential, such as shipping and offshore. In doing so, we consciously chose a party that really helps our organization to ensure our data security.

Professionally set up and complete information security management system

Paul ten Holter

Lead Auditor, DNV

ISO 27001 standard for information security

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized and the most popular standard for information security. Information security is indispensable in our daily lives and is a hot topic these days. With the introduction of GDPR in Europe, the rules around data protection and privacy have been tightened. This means that it is important for us as data processors to show that our security of information is in order. We do this on the basis of ISO 27001.

The benefits of ISO 27001 certification

With the ISO 27001 certification we have a higher reliability and are even better able to reduce risks and incidents. ISO 27001 helps better protect our organization in several ways:

  • Confidentiality: ensuring that information is accessible only to authorized persons
  • Integrity: ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information and information processing methods
  • Availability: ensuring that authorized users have access to information and associated resources when needed

The ISO 27001 certification also guarantees a continuous improvement process of our software and processes, whereby we look and measure daily what we want to improve and implement this process wise.

Achieving the certificate is a confirmation of the long-standing practice within KE-chain and it is a cherry on top for our team! 🎉

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