Fokker Elmo

Wire interconnection systems

Fokker Elmo is part of GKN Aerospace. Fokker Elmo is the world’s leading supplier of transparency systems and the second in interconnection systems for electrical wiring. They design, develop, qualify and manufacture a range of advanced systems and products for aerospace, military, maritime and commercial applications.



Creating new designs was labor intensive. Design choices were made manually and the results stored in a central database. It was not possible to design different variants side by side. Linking algorithms was expensive. Much of the optimization was done manually by the experts. Missing data and data inspection were completed with various Excel sheets.


Fokker uses KE-chain to integrate the various applications and data of the design process into one environment. This allows design studies to be completely copied and easily modified to evaluate design variations. Due to the modular design, tools can be linked to automate parts of the design choices. The entire configuration and all changes are saved. The flexible web interface allows the results to be verified and validated with various visualisations. Fokker’s experts are able to link and adapt applications themselves.


  • Easily set up design studies
  • Configuration management resolved
  • Linking apps requirements
  • All information in one place

Smart collaboration

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