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Making registrations, simply using your phone

We’re paying a visit to a Brabotech project in Maasland to find out how their employees feel about using our registration app. After all, nothing beats observing ‘user experience’ in a real life working setting…. Brabotech is a multidisciplinary contractor, active in concrete repair, asphalt maintenance, expansion joints and waterproofing on concrete bridges and viaducts. To keep their projects running smoothly, Brabotech uses KE-chain for on-site inspections..

By: Jacqueline van Dijk

Ow! Can that be that simple, we did not know that yet.

When we arrive, the guys are just about to start filling up. We start out talking to Frits and Jan about their use of KE-chain, after which some other colleagues also join in. One of them already uses the KE-chain app and is quite happy with it. Some others have access to it with a tablet outside the office. Most of them own a smartphone, but not everyone. Frits indicates that his grandchildren encouraged him to get one.

He has always done the inspections on paper and has gotten used to it over time. He sees no need for changing his routine as he is about to retire and would be happy just sticking to this routine. A good time to put him to the test: we show him how just how simple it can be, using a mobile phone. We bring out our own phone, click on the shortcut to KE-chain, select project and go to my tasks. We take photo, location and sign … Done.

Wow! Is it really that simple? We didn’t know …

Mission accomplished!

A few more tips for working with the telephone. Did you know that:

  • you can take photosand annotate them?
  • you can also dictatetext instead of typing?
  • you can instantly open KE-chain using a shortcut?
  • you can find everything in the KE-chain knowledge base?

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