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Brabotech is a flexible contracting company based in Etten-Leur. The multidisciplinary family business is active in concrete repair, small asphalt maintenance, joint transitions and waterproofing on concrete bridges and viaducts. Brabotech uses KE-chain for the inspections in their projects. We like to put the spotlight on Brabotech.

In a weekend drenched in rain, Steven Kroon and his colleagues were on the A16 to carry out work. He used KE-chain to keep track of the planning and to make all registrations. We asked Steven Kroon to tell us about his experience with KE-chain:

We are busy installing steel low-noise joint transition, sealant joints and performing concrete and asphalt repairs at the A16. We work with a total of about seventy people, spread over several weekends. Brabotech is responsible for ensuring that the entire export runs smoothly for client Van Gelder.

We used to work with paper forms to do our registrations. The challenge was that it was difficult to make changes; crossing out text immediately ruined the form. Tracking current progress was also a challenge.

In KE-chain we register all work for this project using digital forms, on site, on a tablet. With KE-chain we have full control over the digital forms: You no longer have any scratches on a paper form and it is possible to insert photos directly on the spot. Because of this digital way of working, a form is immediately complete, with the right information with the right form. This hass a lot of benefits in rapid completion of the delivery report. Finally, you can watch live with KE-chain, and you have a complete overview of all completed forms and forms that are still on the schedule.

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