Direction of project realization from inspection plan to delivery

Keeping control of the work when innovation is realized has specific challenges. Project realization is often carried out in multiple execution periods and with different disciplines. The time of an implementation period is limited because the infrastructure must also be available for use. No time to lose during the execution of the work. Transparency of the status of the work is important to know whether the work can be carried out within the planned period. Each discipline has its own way of working, with different forms and specific quality requirements. Working for each discipline with its own working method and keeping control over the whole. This is possible with the forms in KE-chain.

By Joost Schut

With the forms in KE-chain it is possible to work with your own working method for each technology field and to keep control over the whole. I will explain how it works based on an example from railway construction. In the example we will discuss the integral project management in the disciplines of rail overhead lines, track and safety.

Project control

The example I am using is a renewal of the overhead linea, track and light signals of a railway track. Agreements have been made with the client about the result to be delivered. For the realization phase, this is predetermined by the inspection plan and the design. The implementation periods are determined by the agreed temporary decommissioning of the track. Based on this, it can be determined which implementation periods, objects and types of registrations are in scope. You get the necessary registrations from your own company catalog in KE-chain. The work periods and objects are unique for each project. You then create the forms in KE-chain by combining these three things. A form can be, for example, a visual inspection, toolbox meeting, daily report or product certificate. Each form therefore contains specific information such as checklists, measurement data, photos or documents.

With the forms in KE-chain it is possible to work with your own working method per technology field and to keep control over the whole

With KE-chain you set up all inspections per technology field with shared information about periods and objects. This makes it possible to divide the work and maintain an integrated overview. During the implementation period, the status and completeness of all information and registrations is available in real-time. This gives you real-time insight in addition to an overview.
The last step is reporting the inspections of an implementation period. With KE-chain you can always export any form to PDF. This is of course also possible for a whole set of forms.

Rail track, overhead lines and safety

Rail construction, like most infrastructure realization projects, is done by various disciplines. These each have their own challenge and characteristics. This is driven by the requirements and characteristics of the work. We have chosen an example inspection of each of these disciplines to provide insight into the different working methods and the flexibility of KE-chain to support all these different working methods.

Direction with the forms in KE-chain

With the forms in KE-chain it is possible to work with your own working method for each discipline and to keep control over the whole. The forms in KE-chain help the project team with:

(1) quick and complete preparation of work periods

(2) customized work information for all disciplines

(3) up-to-date and comprehensive overview during the work period

(4) rapid delivery of inspection reports

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