New with KE-chain!

Field notifications app. Anywhere with your phone

New with KE-chain! The field notifications app . Simple and fast field notifications from your phone, with or without internet reception, the registration is always captured. De mobile app is nu gratis te downloaden bij je KE-chain digitaal keuren abonnement.

The notifications in KE chain can now also be done with the mobile app. The fields notifications made via the app automatically appear in the list of notifications of the project. The advantage of the notifications app is you always have it with you on your own phone and always works online and offline. The notifications app can be downloaded on the iOS and Android phones.

With the KE-chain app you can easily register notifications during work. A notification can be about a residual point, deviation, safety issue, observation or something else that is important for the project and must be addressed.

KE-chain relieves the project team by making reports even easier via the mobile app and ensuring that these reports automatically included in the project in question. In a clear list, the notifications and associated actions can be further processed by the project team.

With the app on your phone you start with an overview of the projects you are working on. You simply select the project for the field notification. You give a short explanation, add a photo and location and put your signature. After creating a notification on a telephone, these are automatically linked to the relevant project. You always see on your phone which notifications you have made and whether they have already been uploaded to the KE-chain project. And if you are out of range, the notification will of course be uploaded when you have an internet connection again. Field notifications: simple and everywhere.

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