Ke-chain platform

User is central

Solution for teams

KE-chain is the digital project environment in which users are guided in recording and sharing information with real-time insight into the quality of the information built up.

Personal environment

Every user sees what is relevant to him or her. Recognizable information in a recognizable environment. With personal access, the expert has dashboards with real-time insight into his own progress and the entire project.

Complete solution

Collaborate with the web application

The basis of KE-chain is the web application. With the web application, everyone always has access to the latest information.

Work offline with the mobile app

It may happen that you are out of reach for a while and you want to register something. This has been solved with the mobile app for notifications.

Full control with the API

Of course you would like to be able to link data from other software. With the KE-chain API you have full control and the possibilities are endless.

Completely unburdened

With the subscription you will be completely unburdened. You can focus on working digitally with the team. We take care of the rest: online support, hosting, backups and updates.

Control over data and app

Easy to adjust with model-based

Adaptability is key. Always be able to respond to new techniques, methods, products and regulations. KE-chain is a real-time model-based platform. You can always adjust it. Visually without code.

Continuous improvement with your own data

KE-chain is based on data. Data that you always have access to. Data is essential to create opportunities to continuously improve.

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Infra & construction

Inspections and quality reports for constructional hydraulic engineering projects



Infra & construction

Quality assurance and control during supervision of light rail construction projects


BAM Infra Rail

Infra & construction

Quality inspections and documentation for projects in rail infra construction

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