Review of the KE-chain event

We would like to thank everyone for a fantastic event! The speakers from ProRail, C-Cube international, CROW and JP van Eesteren gave a nice substantive mix of stories and experiences with KE-chain and insights into what is happening in the field of digitization in construction and infrastructure.

The speakers:

  • Annemarie Stevens (ProRail) on “Digitization of inspections in construction projects” “

  • Sjaak de Ligt (CROW) on “Digitizing the basic specifications”

  • Jacqueline van Dijk (KE-works) about “The new KE-chain digital inspections solution”

  • Guus Coolegem (C-Cube international) on “Predictable corrosion maintenance”

  • Tom de Jong (JP van Eesteren) about “The digital tender plan”

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