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Time ‘to spare’? We are here for you

The corona virus has a significant impact on all of us. For example, we work ‘online’ from home. Of course we hope you can ‘just’ do the work. If you now have a little more time, it is the chance to get started with KE-chain digital inspections. Wij dragen graag ons steentje bij. Plan nu een online ondersteuning of training. Gratis.

Meanwhile, our developers are busy making KE chain even better and easier based on what you have indicated. Think, for example, of a mobile app for iOS and Android with offline capabilities. We expect to be able to roll out the first improvements in the coming period!

In the meantime, we are happy to give you extra online support or training. Are you still unfamiliar with KE-chain digital inspections? We are happy to help you on your first use of the platform.

Schedule an online session?

Please contact Jacqueline via 015 711 1104 or

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