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Van DIJK maasland

Van Dijk Maasland is a real family business from Maasland. Van Dijk Maasland started in 1953 as a contracting company and has since grown into a total provider of infrastructure, construction, environmental, foundation techniques and landscaping. Van Dijk Maasland uses KE-chain for registrations and inspections in their projects. We like to put them in the spotlight!

At the beginning of March, Peter de Fijter walks a inspection tour on behalf of Van Dijk through the Meijendel dune area to check all roads and cycle paths for client Dunea. During this inspection round, all subsidence in the road, clogged churns, damage to the curb and road lanes with rutting are indicated. Repair work will then be carried out later in the year.

The GPS feature and the automatically generated project report were a great success.

The first inspection round with KE chain was in March 2019. This was a good opportunity to try out the GPS property fields in KE chain. We, Bastiaan and Jacqueline, were happy to be able to guide Peter in this as shown in the photo. The GPS feature was a great success, as was the automatically generated project report; a clear report with inspections, photos and location together.

This was extra motivation for the KE-chain team to work on the offline field notification application!

The big challenge, however, was the poor internet coverage in the beautiful dune area of ​​Meijendel. This was extra motivation for the KE-chain team to work on the offline reporting application! In March 2020 there was a new inspection round for Van Dijk on behalf of Dunea, with which Peter set out this time with the offline mobile version of KE-chain. Registrations went much smoother without interrupting internet connections. Being able to mark directly on the photos made this an even better experience than a year earlier!

The KE-chain team and our other users are happy with Peter’s pioneering work to thoroughly test the offline registrations in the field! In the meantime, Van Dijk is also working on other KE-chain projects where online working is possible, such as the shopping center in Hellevoetsluis. Keep it up!

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